Die EU braucht einen neuen Ansatz in der Sahelzone

„The revision of the Sahel strategy provides the European Union with the opportunity to truly overhaul its approach. The strategy must put the people of the Sahel at its heart and meet the needs of the most vulnerable, while respecting the principles of aid effectiveness.“ Dissan Gnoumou & Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana     Gemeinsam mit […]

The Parliament Magazine: COVID-19 & EU AID – Humanitarian aid in a pandemic

Im Februar 2021 erschien ein weiterer Artikel von mir in The Parliament Magazine zur  Lage der Humanitären Hilfe während der COVID-19 Pandemie. „In the Development Committee (DEVE), we have examined the pandemic and its consequences in developing countries, with differing opinions, reports and exchanges of views with relevant stakeholders. (…)“ „My position as shadow rapporteur […]