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Relations with a même pied d'égalité Afrique-Union Européenne : mean or reality ?

At the moment, the European Commission has entered a new phase of the partnership with Africa and the post-Cotonou neo-economies, not only at the point of the true agreements, but also by posing the question: "The quality of our relations a-t-elle changé? Quels enseignements pouvons-nous tirer des crises causées par la pandémie Covid-19 for a revision of relations entre l'UE et l'Afrique?

Equal relations between Africa and the EU - just rhetoric?
The European Commission announces a new phase of partnership with Africa, the post-Cotonou negotiations are nearing completion - Have we really achieved a new quality of relations?
What strengths and weaknesses in the EU-Africa relationship have become apparent as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic?