International Weeks against Racism


On the occasion of the International Weeks against Racism I participated in a virtual lecture of the German-African Association (DAV) on 23.03.2021. 
I recorded a video message for this event, which you can watch here: 

I am still very happy that the Erlangen City Council granted my request for an International Week against Racism in 2009. This allowed us to celebrate in our city this commemorative day of 21.03 - the International Day against Racism . This initiative arose from the United Nations declared, International Day for the Elimination of so-called "Racial Discrimination"

The Weeks against Racism have been taking place throughout Europe since 1979. Nevertheless, it becomes visible and tangible again and again how deeply rooted racist structures are in our society. 

"In our diverse society, fighting racism, requires courage, commitment and education." 

The International Weeks against Racism in Erlangen take place for the 13th time this year.


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