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Afruibana, the Association of African Banana Producers, presented in April 2021 the White Paper entitled: "Bananas at the heart of African rural development - a common challenge for Africa and Europe"/ La banane au cœur du développement rural africain - un défi commun pour l'Afrique et l'Europe. Together with my colleagues Marie-Pierre Vedrenne (MEP), Vice-Chair of the Committee on International Trade and Carlos Zorrinho (MEP), Co-Chair of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, it was a special honour for me to participate in the online event as a sponsor (Co-marraine).

As a Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Development, DEVE, I am particularly concerned about equal relations between countries on the African continent and Europe in the long term.

My contribution was mainly on the following point: "L'agriculture africaine face aux défis de la modernisation et de la transformation ". (German: Die afrikanische Landwirtschaft vor den Herausforderungen der Modernisierung und Transformation") The main focus was to give the opportunity to talk about the role of agriculture for food security and development in African countries. This topic is not only closely related to my parliamentary work, but also plays a role in our overall societal debates on sustainable development in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) formulated by the United Nations.

The issue of agriculture also plays a central and critical role in my commitment to equal EU-Africa relations, which the German government's implementation of the 2030 Agenda is aiming for, but which are not yet being developed on an equal enough basis.

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