DEVE & FEMM - Hearing: Addressing inequalities in developing countries in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic


Together with the Development (DEVE) and the Women's Rights and Gender Equality(FEMM) Committees, a "Hearing" (hearing) on combating inequalities in so-called developing countries against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic took place on 26 May 2021.

I have talked about the fact that women and young people all over the world are severely affected by the pandemic, and it is in the so-called developing countries that this precarisation is most severe. Given this, access to vaccines for all is the appropriate response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to my speech here:

"Partout, les femmes et la jeunesse sont grave touchées par la pandemie et c'est, dans les pays en développement que cette précarisation est la plus violente. In the face of this social reality, access to vaccines for all is the best riposte to the virus of covid 19".