Get vaccinated!


A week ago, I received my booster inoculation. According to the original meaning of the word "booster", "[a]lso in aerospace engineering and military missiles, a booster [...] is an auxiliary rocket that is deployed at launch and then jettisoned. [...]. Boosters are used to generate additional thrust during launch."

We need nothing more urgently than an additional push to restart our coexistence, to restart our social obligations and also joys, and we need this globally. To resolutely confront the Covid 19 pandemic, to stand up to the natural force of its occurrence, as we have sometimes painfully experienced, seems like a space mission. I still encounter people who oppose vaccination with individual determination. And my understanding of this is dwindling, my concern about it is rising.

In the chains of argumentation of those people who oppose vaccination, I am always struck by the fact that one crucial point is missing, namely the idea of solidarity. In order to return to a more or less "normal" life, only two paths can be taken, as has long been known, namely the path of vaccination or the path of contamination. Many people believe that the latter is the "will of nature". Spelled out, this is an idea of selection, which I would like to oppose with all determination and within the framework of a humane world. It is not only in the hands of the individual to stay healthy, it is not only in the hands of God, it is also up to all of us.

There must be no more triage in intensive care units. Nor must it come to a situation where children and adolescents in particular are brought into a further phase of isolation with a renewed lockdown. Nor must it be forgotten that the ongoing debate about vaccinating or not vaccinating speaks of a privileged situatedness that is unparalleled worldwide.

I advocate thinking of each other and acting for each other. "Everyone has to know for themselves" cannot be valid for this. Please get vaccinated!


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