Interview on International Women's Day


International Women's Day this year is marked by the dramatic events we are witnessing: the military aggression in Ukraine.

In addition to the Covid crisis and climate change, which have highlighted gender inequalities, war reinforces these inequalities, of which women are the victims.

The pandemic has led to an increase in violence in all areas: domestic violence, increase in the number of girls circumcised in Europe who no longer have access to prevention and education centres that try to save girls from FGM.

Women experience the negative impacts of the climate crisis, which reinforce existing gender inequalities and threaten women's lives and livelihoods, especially in agriculture and the informal sector.

At the economic level, the pay gap between women and men is still enormous, especially since women rarely hold well-paid positions. Their under-representation in decision-making and management bodies is striking and above all unacceptable.

The war in Ukraine has exacerbated gender inequalities. Most women have had to go into exile with their children to flee their devastated country. Those who have chosen to stay are mobilising and taking up arms to defend their homeland against the Russian invasion.

In this climate of war, we are particularly concerned about the wave of racism that is hitting African women living in Ukraine as they try to leave the country. This conflict cannot leave us cold.

Some European countries bordering Ukraine refuse them entry into one of the European Union countries for safety. They are forbidden to cross the border. These unacceptable measures amount to gender discrimination.

On this memorable day, it is worth remembering that one of the fundamental principles of feminism is the promotion of peace for all, to make our planet an oasis of peace and not a battlefield. Women in the European Parliament in Strasbourg are dressed in white, the sign of peace, to celebrate International Women's Day 2022. We must promote peace so that every man, every woman has the opportunity to develop according to their abilities.