My first speech as shadow rapporteur for the rights of Ukrainian women


The Russian offensive in Ukraine and in besieged cities has forced millions of women to flee, exposing them to sexual abuse and other atrocities.

Many single women and girls are forced to cross the border in the hope of escaping the war. Amidst bombings and fighting, an insidious danger lurks for them: the danger of sexual violence.

Women remaining in Ukraine are also at great risk of rape, sexual assault and harassment. Work on documenting the violations currently committed by Russian forces obviously still needs to be done.
Refugee women who are victims of intersectional discrimination, such as Roma women, non-Ukrainian women, Black women or women of African descent, migrant women, women with disabilities and LGBTQ+ persons, are neglected and disproportionately affected by this conflict.

Refugee women are also exposed to increased risks in terms of access to health and sexual and reproductive rights. Many of them do not have access to contraceptives or legal and safe abortions.

We need to develop specific strategies by supporting and protecting civil organisations and NGOs that put their own freedom at risk and work tirelessly to alleviate the situation of women refugees, especially women victims of sexual exploitation.

How will you proceed to support the coordination of health services by ensuring that women have access to all sexual and reproductive health services?

What strategies will you pursue to ensure the safety and well-being of survivors and to ensure that they receive special protection and psychological support in the mother tongues of women who have fled Ukraine because of their great vulnerability?


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