Child benefit scandal in the Netherlands


The child benefit affair is unprecedented in its scale. Thousands of families were accused of fraud by the tax authorities. African or Black families from the former colonies were pursued by the authorities, who demanded the immediate repayment of child benefits that these families had legally received.

EP Plenary session - O.Q. - The Dutch childcare benefit scandal, institutional racism and algorithms

Many families could not bear to be labeled as frauds by the state and committed suicide out of desperation in the face of high debts. Families broke up and more than 1,000 children were placed in state care.

The Dutch government accepted the use of racist algorithms that indicated foreign names or dual citizenship as indicators of fraud. It had to admit that what was declared as a strict anti-fraud policy was nothing but institutional racism.

Almost 50,000 parents were affected as sufferers of the child benefit affair. However, many families are still either waiting for their money or for an official assessment of their claims.

The fundamental rights of the European Union and the human rights of the Dutch fellow citizens* were violated. The cause of this is racism!

The European Commission must draw the consequences and keep its promise to fight institutional racism throughout the European Union.