Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Migration Flows to the European Union.


The war calls us not to forget our humanistic values expressed in solidarity with all those fleeing Ukraine.

All refugees, without exception, deserve the same respect. And yet there is the hidden racism that comes out in the different treatment of refugees.

Many Africans who were in Ukraine for study or education were stopped at the borders of the EU. Everyone has the right to flee a country where there is war, regardless of the color of their skin.

EU member states should allow foreign students who have fled Ukraine to continue their studies without bureaucratic hurdles.

Students from developing countries, especially from Africa, who studied at Ukrainian universities, face many problems in EU countries. They can enroll in our universities only if they cannot return to their home country. Some member states even require them to return to their home country and apply for a visa from there to continue their studies at a European university.

We call on the member states of the European Union to welcome members of minorities with the same compassion and to open the doors of their universities and educational institutions to them!

Our solidarity must be unstinting, given the importance we place on educating young people and showing compassion to our fellow human beings.