Black History Weeks 2022


I am pleased to invite you again this year to the City of Erlangen 2022 Black History Weeks!

From November 5 to November 8, 2022, the eighth Black History Weeks of the city of Erlangen, which I initiated in 2015, will take place. They present a series of events on the history and significance of the African diaspora in Germany and beyond.
The Black History Weeks thus tie in with the United Nations International Decade (2015 - 2024) for People of African Descent, whose motto is "Recognition, Justice and Development." In 2020, the empowerment project "Each One Teach One" (EOTO) e.V. published the results of their large Afrocensus survey. It is the first study to record the realities of life, experiences of discrimination and perspectives of Black, African and Afrodiasporic people in Germany. The results clearly show that Black people are exposed to racist discrimination at all levels of daily life.

The demands of the Decade are therefore very significant and the goal of combating racial discrimination against people of African descent can only be achieved with much stronger measures.

In Erlangen this year, we will focus on the empowerment of Black women. I am looking forward to a promising panel discussion with colleagues from politics, activism and education. I am also very much looking forward to a conversation with young committed and interested people in my local office in Erlangen under the motto: (How) Do we want to talk to each other? - Erlangen divers in conversation. I am looking forward to the lecture by the author Chantal-Fleur Sandjon, in which she will shed light on diversity in children's and young people's literature. Maybe that's where it all starts - in a children's book: When a child is addressed, when he finds himself, when he is meant - then he is empowered, strengthened and as a matter of course a self-effective part of his own world.

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