Racism after the riots following the Morocco-Belgium soccer match


The violent clashes in Belgium that took place after the Morocco-Belgium match are strongly condemned, and rightly so. These are criminals, rioters, which can be found in all countries of the world. They are hooligans who roam the streets, and in this case they are destroyers of public property. Unfortunately, we regularly witness their violence after soccer matches. In this particular case, they are harming the Moroccan community in Belgium. Because this community is now in the headlines for acts of violence for which they are not responsible. Water on the mills of the right-wing populists!

The majority of Belgian and Moroccan* citizens are decent people who disapprove
of vandalism and social unrest. Moreover, it is the population
actively that bears the cost of this outrageous violence, as they are doubly punished by these riots. Smashed cars, broken shop windows and restrictions on public transportation hit them particularly hard. The migrant communities and the diaspora do not identify in any way with this destructive violence - regardless of the origin of the rioters.

We should not immediately reflexively question the integration of millions of people, the vast majority of whom are well-behaved citizens. It would be time to reflect on the global images of masculinity with regard to soccer. Women's soccer is leading the way in this area and should serve as a model. As far as women's soccer is concerned, I am not yet aware of a culture of violent hooligans.


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