How is Europe doing? Talk with the Bavarian Youth Ring

How is Europe doing? What does Europe mean to me and what would I like to give young people to take with them on their way? That's what I talked about with Theresa Leppert, BJR's European Youth Policy Officer, on the occasion of Europe Day on 9 May 2021. Europe means diversity and is a peace project. I use the three words: diversity, solidarity, peace to describe my vision of Europe for [...]...

Start of the fasting period "Ramadan

Dear citizens of Erlangen of the Muslim faith, for the beginning of the fasting season "Ramadan" I send you and your communities my best wishes. Unfortunately, Ramadan will take place again this year under the extraordinary Corona circumstances that have changed public life unprecedentedly. This year, too, Ramadan will have a different face, it will "taste" different and [...]

International Weeks against Racism

On the occasion of the International Weeks against Racism I participated in a virtual lecture of the German-African Association (DAV) on 23.03.2021. For this event I recorded a video message, which you can watch here: I am still very happy that the Erlangen City Council granted my request for an International Week against Racism in 2009. This allowed [...]

International Day against Racism

#MEPsAgainstRacism! #EU MEPs against racism! Today, on the International Day against Racism, we are facing major challenges. One of them is found on a virtual level and permeates the world in a dangerous way: Hate on the net. The anonymization of one's identity, which is possible on the Internet, provides an opportunity for racist statements, some of which are filled with boundless hatred. […]

"It must be our duty to empower young people rather than disempower them." Open letter to Minister of State Joachim Herrmann

Dear Minister Herrmann, in the context of European and German migration policy there is a lot of talk about integration or failed and successful integration. The 13-year-old girl Anahit H. is an example of so-called "successful" integration. As a pupil of the Ohm-Gymnasium Erlangen well integrated into the social structures of the city, recognized as a friend, classmate and pupil, she became [...]

Black People in National Socialism

The topic of black people under National Socialism is largely marginalized and ignored by the majority of society. I have been working on this topic for several years, as it is very close to my heart and opens a new window of time in the culture of remembrance of our history. I have been researching biographies and histories of Black people for about 30 years [...].

A letter of protection against FGM/C as a strong sign for women's rights

avec la ministre de la famille, Mme Franziska Giffey

Our society is moving towards ever greater gender equality. Nevertheless: at the beginning of the 21st century, practices and conditions exist that are diametrically opposed to this welcome development. As long as women and girls in this world are victims of discrimination and gender-based violence, we must fight resolutely to secure the physical integrity of every human being. […]