Press releases

DEVE & AFET - Plenary Session: NDICI, Global Europe

World Environment Day 2021 & Sauti Youth Virtual Exchange

Sahel and the role of the EU: "Security is not everything".

Germany's responsibility for genocide in Namibia

Voices of Black European Women

Job advertisement Local Assistant in the MEP Office Erlangen

DEVE & FEMM - Hearing: Addressing inequalities in developing countries in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic

Michaela Moua: First Anti-Racism Coordinator within the European Commission

How is Europe doing? Talk with the Bavarian Youth Ring

Ten years of the Istanbul Convention

DEVE - Exchange: Forced displacement situation - global challenges and prospects

Women in Europe: More than half the power!

Europe is diversity


The African banana - AFRUIBANA

Visio-Conférence: "Le leadership des Femmes de la Diaspora : un combat intersectionnel ?"

Start of the fasting period "Ramadan

International Day against Racism

Anti-racism summit

"It must be our duty to empower young people rather than disempower them." Open letter to Minister of State Joachim Herrmann

International Women's Day 2021

#DiasporaVote - Accompany your MEP

WEBINAR: Fighting the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of EU's development cooperation and humanitarian aid

The EU needs a new approach in the Sahel region

The Parliament Magazine: COVID-19 & EU AID - Humanitarian aid in a pandemic

A letter of protection against FGM/C as a strong sign for women's rights

Combien de fois peut-on réinventer un partenariat?

Ibrahima Barrie's death raises questions about police violence

Gender equality strategy: EU Parliament votes on package of measures

Storming the Capitol in Washington

"Not with us! For a Violence-Free Future for Women"

Négociations en cours en vue d'un nouvel accord de partenariat UE-ACP

Nigeria, notamment les récents attentats

La nouvelle stratégie globale UE-Afrique (débat en plénaire)

La République de Guinée, et notamment les violences commises à l'encontre des manifestants

Kamala Harris gives a boost to Afro-German movement

"End of the line migration?! Where do the lines of discourse in the debate on racism run?" 05.11.2020 at 7 pm

Invitation to the Live Webinar

"The European Green Deal: Our Pact for the Future"

Munich globally committed: Recognizing inequalities - achieving more together".

Visioconférence: Relations sur un même pied d'égalité Afrique-Union Européenne : mean or reality ?

Global Diaspora Week

Live Webinar

Job advertisement Intern*in Communication and Social Media

Everyday discrimination! Everyday discrimination?

Bruxelles : Un plan d'action dans la lutte contre le racisme au sein de l'Union européenne

Newsletter: My first year in the European Parliament

Au Mali, l'UE suspend sa mission de formation des soldiers