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Berlin 125 years later. An almost forgotten German-African history

February 26, 1885 is considered a historic date for Africa: the arbitrary partitioning and demarcation of African countries was decided by the Berlin Conference. Thus, the partition of Africa in Berlin is a component of German colonial expansion, although the German public ...



La tragédie humaine de l'Ile de Gorée

Every year, thousands of tourists visit the island of Gorée, three kilometres from the capital Dakar, Senegal. Twenty minutes aboard a picturesque boat separate Gorée from Dakar. Gorée is a reminder of the past, rich in human tragedies. Its history intermingles ...

Award: 'Pèlerin de Gorée' Gorée 23.8.2004

Littérature Féminine Francophone d'Afrique Noire

The last two decades denote the triumph of women's literature of Black Africa, which is joining the universal cultural heritage. Women writers are on the rise in the literary world. Ever since the Senegalese writer Mariama Bâ (A Letter So Long), won the Noma Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair (1980) and Calixthe Beyala of Cameroon (A Love in Duala ) was honoured by the French Academy "Académie française", it has been true to say that black African women's literature has emerged from the shadows of ...



Ecrivains Africains et Identités culturelles

The main aim of this book is to provide the public with an overview of the trends in contemporary African literature. Dr. Herzberger-Fofana has conducted a series of interviews with writers from different countries. Most of these interviews deal with the main features of literature, namely ...

Award: "Kwanzaa Award" from Africa Network, Evanston USA 1992