The death of Mohamed Lamine Dramé has caused great consternation in Germany. The mayor of the city of Dortmund took part in the funeral prayers at the Dortmund mosque on Friday. He regretted the outcome of this tragic accident and assured that everything will be cleared up.

The funeral of teenager Mamadou Lamine Dramé, scheduled for Monday, August 15, 2022, was canceled due to the diplomatic intervention of the Senegalese Embassy. According to the negotiations between the Senegalese Embassy and the city administration of Dortmund, the remains will be repatriated to Senegal today. Germany will bear the costs of the repatriation.

The remains are scheduled to arrive in Dakar today and will be transferred from there to his village of Ndiaffate in the Kaolack region, where the deceased will be buried according to the wishes of his family.

The boy Dramé had arrived in Germany in April 2022 as a 16-year-old minor refugee and unaccompanied orphan. He had arrived in Dortmund just days before the dramatic confrontation with police last Monday, August 8, 2022, where he was shot dead by a police officer. Hit by five bullets from a submachine gun, he succumbed to his injuries during emergency surgery. Police officers had also previously used pepper spray and a teaser to render him harmless.

Official investigations are continuing to determine the exact age of the deceased and whether he was under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. All indications are that Mohamed was severely traumatized after his odyssey at sea – as is the case with many young refugees – especially since he had left the psychiatric clinic the day before, where he had supposedly asked to be admitted himself.

One may ask: Why did those responsible agree to him leaving the clinic if -as stated- he posed a risk to himself and exhibited risky behavior? Did he leave the clinic voluntarily? Who signed for him as a minor and therefore took responsibility for this? Why did eleven police officers present have the bodycams they are supposed to wear turned off, which could have shown the entire scene.

The bodycams are already part of the standard equipment of the police in NRW since the end of 2019 and should be worn especially in situations where there is a concrete danger to life and limb. Many questions remain unanswered.

For reasons of neutrality, the investigation no longer lies with the police in Dortmund, but with the police in Recklinghausen. The young policeman who fired the shot has been suspended from duty.

The collective of civil society organizations called for demonstrations in Cologne for this Saturday, 20.8.2022.

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