Ukraine war refugee to be deported shortly before Christmas


With the international day of the migrants, which was proclaimed by the United Nations
, the problems, which migrant women must face, move particularly into the focus. Especially refugee migrant women find themselves in a difficult situation
between conditions contrary to human rights and war in their home countries and partly
inhumane procedures of the immigration authorities in the destination countries. The
Ukrainian war calls us once again not to forget our humanistic values, which
express themselves in our unrestricted solidarity with all those who flee from Ukraine

All people fleeing Ukraine because of the war deserve the same
respect and compassion. They have all lost their homes. Nevertheless, unfortunately,
not all refugees from Ukraine are treated equally and so far
hidden racism is revealed, as in the urgent case of U.
The 28-year-old student U. fled to Germany shortly after the start of Russian aggresion in
Ukraine in March this year. Shortly before the Christmas holidays, however, he
is now in custody pending deportation at Munich airport. As the first known case of a
war refugee from a third country, he is to be deported to Nigeria
in a few days on Dec. 20.

The young student had applied for a place to study in Germany and had even
already received admission to a university in Augsburg. Although he had informed the
Aliens' Registration Office about this, his passport was confiscated. In Nigeria
no family members are waiting for U., as they have already fled the country
. In the event of forced deportation to the country, he too must fear persecution by the

The actions of the immigration authorities must be strongly condemned. Our solidarity must be with all
refugees from Ukraine. Nevertheless, students from developing countries,
especially from Africa, who have fled Ukraine, are confronted with numerous difficulties
and incomprehensible unequal treatment. We should use the
international day of migrants to draw attention to this injustice

Dr Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, MEP


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